Monday, November 23, 2015

Kyle Merriman - Lake Temple enviroment

UPDATED 11/25:  I made some minor changes - hopefully the ellipses on the domes match the perspective angle better now.


  1. This is super cool! Great color choices and atmospheric perspective. The cylinders for the temple look a little wonky for the point of view though (the bottoms of the domes.)

  2. Love this! I especially enjoy the color palette, and the ambient rose-colored light. I like that the onion domes of the temple are rendered in higher detail--but perhaps there should be other surrounding areas given more detail as well so that it doesn't draw the eye quite so intensely to the domes. Overall, terrific job.

  3. I love the color scheme you have going on here. The atmospheric perspective and the textures are nice. I agree, the perspective on the domes seems wrong. The way they are lit makes it look like they're leaning toward us. I'm also looking for something on the left hand side to keep our eyes in the frame. I find them wandering off the edge of the image because the bottom left corner is so bright and there's nothing to hold my gaze there.