Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hannah Nielsen--Animal Final

Haha, I got it into my head that this was due Wednesday, not Monday. Ah well, here it is. Anyway, I liked my little pack animals enough to play with them, so I included that.


  1. As always Hannah just BLOWIN' everyone out of the water. But really these are awesome! I like that they also look like inseparable pals like a comedy duo. The one thing about the second picture though for me is the claw, it took a while to realize it was the claw, maybe just add a few more details to it like some highlights so it doesn't seem so dark. (I do really like the composition though!)

  2. These guys are cool! I like the headgear on the raptor. I agree with Libby on the claw - you could add maybe just a little bit more value range and texture. Not too much, obviously, because it might end up being a distraction from the rest of the piece. I'm also thinking that diagonal line is getting super close to the creature on the left, but doesn't actually overlap, so there's too much visual tension there for me. Aside from that, the actual design and concept (the stuff that actually matters) is unique and well executed! I wouldn't change anything about them.

  3. I love the design of the raptor! I think the seat fixture fits really well on its head. I think the design of the smaller beetle animal looks a little patchy. I like the overall concept, but the shell almost looks pasted on. Is he wearing armor? If not, I'd try to make it look like the shell matches the rest of the body in some way (maybe a little more blue in the body or something) so that it looks attached. Really clever composition for the moment painting! I like that you showed the carnage of a dead animal in the back. I'd maybe make it the same kind of animal as one of our foreground ones so that it shows that it's a threat to them specifically.