Sunday, October 25, 2015

Please label your posts

I'm setting up some labels you can use to tag your posts. This will help all of us sort through the images and information on the class blog, which is becoming more necessary as the content increases. This will really help me with grading, to make sure I don't overlook anything you've posted.

Just click the "Labels" link in the right-hand column when you're composing your post and select from the labels that appear in blue below the box. I'll create some standard labels you can use, so please use the appropriate labels. But, if you don't find the one you're looking for, feel free to create your own. Let's use the following basic template for labeling posts:

1. First, label every post you make with your NAME. This way we can search posts by author.

2. Second, label every project-related post with the assignment: Influence Map, Characters, Props/Vehicles, Creatures, Locations, Story Moments.

3. Third, label each post with the stage associated with it: Thumbnails/Roughs, Comp Sketches, Finish/Color, First Revision, Second Revision, etc.

4. Fourth, add any other miscellaneous or specific labels that can help us find this post in a search: Jobs, Pro Tips, Resources, etc.

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